Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness

While 2% of Calgary’s population is Aboriginal, 36% of the homeless population is Aboriginal.

We intend to change that.

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There is a research document available on the HomelessHub website that came out March 2012:


"Assessing Urban Aboriginal Housing and Homelessness in Canada"




please copy and paste the following website address into your browser to access a PDF version of this document.



The Aboriginal Standing Committee is pleased to Announce the launch of the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness in Calgary.


The intent is to integrate The ASCHH Plan into Calgary’s larger 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness implementation strategies. 


Please click on the following link for a PDF version of the Plan.




The Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness is dedicated to creating solutions to Aboriginal Homelessness, through research, information sharing, outreach and capacity building initiatives.