The Community Liaison is the only paid position on the committee and supports four priorities of the committee. The Community Liaison is responsible for increasing stakeholders at the table, setting up agenda with the Co-Chairs, maintaining and distributing agendas and minutes for committee and CAB meetings, and ensures that active communication occurs between the committee and members, as well as community stakeholders.

The Community Liaison addresses the following four priorities through activities as indicated:


  • Participate in activities and committee work associated specifically with Aboriginal Homelessness and Housing that promote the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness
  • Identify areas in which the Committee can strengthen opportunities upon the issues of homelessness and housing through advocacy with municipal, provincial, or federal legislation, policies or processes.


  • Organizing the Committee meetings and delivering timely and effective communication.
  • Participating in subcommittee work, and ensuring that the subcommittees meet regularly and are working on components of the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness.
  • Organizing and taking meeting notes for Community Advisory Board – Indigenous Advisory Council
  • Recruitment of General Committee and Community Advisory Board members
  • Recruitment of stakeholders to support the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness


  • Work with partnerships to establish communication and secure updates and milestones of projects that the Committee is working within
  • Secure participation of the Committee and community stakeholders to enhance capacity of research projects
  • Participate in the coordination with partners on research projects


  • Deliver presentations and in-services on behalf of the committee on Aboriginal homelessness and housing
  • Support the organization and delivery of the annual Aboriginal Street Survivor Experiential Day of Homelessness
  • Provide Indigenous awareness upon the issues of Aboriginal homelessness and housing with programs, educational institutes, corporations to enhance understanding around the issues and discuss solutions regarding the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness.