Members of the Standing Committee support direction and recommendations on the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness. Membership ranges from Indigenous Agencies and programs to systems, government, and concerned individuals. ASCHH members participate in subcommittee work and provide voice to various projects related to Indigenous homelessness throughout Calgary and Alberta.

Team Members:

Co-Chairs (2 voted in by the committee on 2 year tenures as per terms of reference)


  • Conducts the business of Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Attends administrative meetings with Community Entity, Service Canada Homelessness Partnership Strategy -, etc.
  • Spokespersons with Service Canada and the Community Entity
  • Obtains all necessary information for the decision making process of the Community Advisory Board for Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Sits as members on the advisory council for the Community Advisory Board for the Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Brings information to the General Committee Membership
  • Assists with the administrative goals of the Strategic Plan, and the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness
  • Supervises the employee (Aboriginal Community Liaison) of the Committee
  • Chairs meetings (General and Advisory Council)
  • Are not voting members of the General Committee
  • Are voting members of the Advisory Council


  • Administrative experience at an executive level
  • Knowledge of Aboriginal issues in direct relationship to the issue of homelessness and housing
  • Knowledge and understanding of reviewing budgets and financials
  • Previous Committee experience
  • Previous chair experience (an asset)
  • Understanding of Robert Rules and committee/board roles
  • Capacity to make decisions without agency approval
  • Able to effectively apply communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Knowledge and experience within the Urban Aboriginal community
  • Knowledge of strategic planning and implementation
  • Knowledge of policy development
  • Understanding and ability to work with government contracts
  • Be a member in good standing

ASCHH Community Advisory Board – Indigenous Advisory Council (3-5 members (plus the 2-Co-Chairs) voted in by the committee on 2 year tenures)


  • Council is the Community Advisory Board on decisions related to the Homelessness Partnering
  • Strategy funding stream
  • Supports the work of the Community Plans and their revisions
  • Sits on RFP panels in funding cycles (every five years or when dollars come available)
  • Votes on decisions with feedback from the General Committee
  • Votes in the Community Entity with feedback from the General Committee
  • Development of the Committee Strategic Plan with feedback from the General Committee
  • Interviews and makes recommendations for Co-Chairs


  • Must be a recognized Aboriginal within the Urban Community (Status, Non-Status, Métis or Inuit)
  • Cannot have a conflict of interest in the Homeless Sector (Cannot be an employee, or a board member within the Homeless Sector or with the Community Entity)
  • Comes to the table without representation by their employment
  • Desire to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Community, the Agencies, and primarily the Aboriginal Homeless population in Calgary


  • Quarterly meetings of the council (evenings)
  • Monthly communication via email
  • Attend special meetings as required for the CAB
  • Attend occasional forums of the general membership as determined by the council
  • Other duties as required

Aboriginal Community Liaison: (hired by the Co-Chairs)

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  • Recruits stakeholders for membership at the committee
  • Supports membership inquiries and communication
  • Works actively on the committee work to leverage the issues of Aboriginal Homelessness and Housing
  • Sets up and participates on all sub committees
  • Supports research on Aboriginal Homelessness and Housing
  • Represents the committee in the community
  • Establishes goals according to the Strategic Plan, and the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness.
  • Does not participate in the work of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy
  • Is not a voting member of the committee
  • Establishes the Agenda of General Meetings in conjunction with Co-Chairs, takes minutes
  • Carries on the day-to- day business of the committee
  • Collaborates within the Homeless Sector regarding initiatives and information sharing
  • Provides in-services and presentations upon issues directly related to Indigenous Homelessness and Housing

ASCHH General Membership (Annually submits membership application, must adhere to the terms of (ToR )reference in regards to membership)


  • is open to Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal, and anyone who is interested in the issues of Aboriginal Homelessness and Housing as per the terms of reference.


  • Receives information on the processes and decisions being conducted by the Indigenous Advisory Council
  • Provides feedback to the Indigenous Advisory Council for Strategic Planning
  • Does not vote on decisions for Homelessness Partnering Strategy, but provides feedback to the Advisory Council for CAB business on issues relevant outside of funding.
  • Votes in Co-Chairs after interviews and recommendations are made by the Indigenous Advisory Council, and votes in the Indigenous Advisory Council Members
  • Votes on matters directly related to Committee work and initiatives
  • Focuses on the functions of the Committee through Sub-Committee working groups and monthly meetings through the work of the ASCHH Aboriginal Community Liaison including the goals of the Strategic Plan goals, and the recommendations and updates of the Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness

Community Entity – Calgary Homeless Foundation

The Calgary Homeless Foundation is the Community Entity for federal funding dollars under the Homelessness Partnering Strategy. The Community Entity provides the processes for RFP funding cycles, works collaboratively with the Community Advisory Board to review and make recommendations on funding cycles. The Community Entity assures funding is administered, contracts signed, and ensures that outcomes and key performance measures are achieved. The Community Entity keeps the Community Advisory Board informed on challenges and surpluses available to re-distribute. The Community Entity is voted in by the Community Advisory Board a year prior to the new funding cycle.

CHF Representatives – Kevin McNichol – Vice President of Strategy

Federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS) – Service Canada

Throughout Canada 41 communities receive federal funding to address housing and homelessness for off-reserve Indigenous populations. Calgary is considered one of the 10 large communities that received federal funding supports for both designated and Aboriginal funding streams through the Homelessness Partnering Strategy. The Federal Government supports the Aboriginal Standing Committee on Housing and Homelessness in assisting with processes and procedures and ensures that transparency is conducted between the Community Entity and the Community Advisory Board.

Service Canada Representative – (2013 – Current) Aileen Ong

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