Any Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal individuals and/or organizations that are committed to enhancing, improving and supporting health and wellness, and the rights of urban Aboriginal peoples including, but not limited to, homelessness and housing issues may have representation on the Committee.

To start the membership process, simply fill out the form below.


    • The ASCHH will meet at a minimum of ten (10) times per year.
    • Attendance at a minimum of 7 out of 10 meetings by the member or designate is encouraged.
    • Members are encouraged to participate in the activities on one sub-committee at a minimum of every second year.
    • While individuals may attend under the auspices of an organization, he/she must base his/her decision-making on the best interest of the Aboriginal community as a whole and in light of the Strategic Plan of the Committee and the ASCHH Plan to End Aboriginal Homelessness in Calgary.
    • To be a member of the ASCHH, you must fill out a membership form on an annual basis.


    • To be eligible to vote you must be a member in good standing.
    • New members and members not in good standing must have attended the previous two (2) consecutive meetings to be eligible to vote.
    • Proxy votes will not be allowed; members must be in attendance.
    • After three (3) consecutive missed meetings, without communication to the Co-Chairs and/or Liaison, membership will be deemed not in good standing.
    • Each organization gets one vote.

    Conflict of Interest Guidelines

    Committee members must abstain from any and all voting when there is a project put forward by the organization with which they work, or for any with which they have participated in its development.


    • The Committee will identify, through biennial nomination or as required, the Co-Chairs.
    • To be nominated as a Co-Chair, you must be a member in good standing.
    • The Co-Chairs will be responsible for setting the agenda, facilitation of meetings and information dissemination, unless otherwise delegated.
    • The Co-Chairs will be the liaison to the Calgary Homeless Foundation (CHF), unless otherwise delegated.
    • Decision-making will be by majority vote premised on an inclusive discussion process that ensures all are able to express thoughts, opinions and concerns in a safe and respectful environment.